Frock Flicks Writer’s Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in writing for Frock Flicks! We don’t do this for money, just for love and glory of historical costume on screen (and for the snark ;-).


Blog Posts We Want

Search through the site, see what’s been covered already, and how we review things in general. Some examples:

Anything with just a “short” review or only included in Oh the Bad Movies You’ll Watch is fair game for an in-depth full post. For example:

Each of us can disagree with the other, that makes the blog more interesting!


Writing Style

Make sure you’ve thoroughly read our FAQs to understand our point of view on such things as the historical periods we cover, what we mean by ‘historical accuracy,’ and some of the subtleties of snark.

Guest posts should be a minimum of 500 words, more is better.

We appreciate original content and original research. Please cite sources and quotes — such as: “In the L.A. Times, Sandy Powell described her process as: ‘I start with…'” The publication name would link directly to the article where the quote is featured.

Use as the source of truth for production details and to spell-check names. Wikipedia is a reasonable backup.

We use the serial or oxford comma.

Always include the full title of the movie/TV show in the title and the first sentence of the post, with the year of production in parentheses, as in “The Tudors (2007-2010).”


Photos and Images

Include as many screencaps of the movie/TV show as possible to illustrate your points, and, where possible relevant historical costume images for comparison. 6-8 minimum, more is better.

Image sizes should be at least 600×400 pixels at 96dpi, in either JPG or PNG format. Name files with the title of the movie/TV show and year of production and any details, such as Poldark-2018-DemelzaHair2.jpg. Name other files with relevant dates and names, such as 1595-QEI-Marcus-Gheeraerts-the-Younger.jpg.

Try to avoid watermarked images, and crop images to focus on the character and costume relevant to the topic of discussion.

Always include one “featured” image that sums up the entire article in addition to detail images.


File Submission

You can send posts as a Word doc, text file, or even a Google doc to Do not embed images, just send the files, and please note where you prefer each image is placed in the article, such as between paragraphs “(Outlander-2018-JaimeLeatherJacket.jpg).”

Let us know how you want your name presented in your byline, and provide a brief one or two line bio about yourself that we can add to your post. Include a link to your own website or social media if you wish!