Downton Abbey Costume Recap & Podcast: Season 6, Episode 2


We here at Frock Flicks (okay, Kendra and Trystan) are so excited for the final season of Downton Abbey that we’re doing weekly costume recaps AND podcasts! Tune in each week for an episode-by-episode recap of our thoughts on both the plot and (especially) the costumes (designed by Anna Robbins) — because really, while we all are invested in the lives of the fictional Crawley family, don’t we actually keep coming back to see what they’re wearing? You can find the podcast at the bottom of this post, or on iTunes!

Episode two starts with … breakfast!


That print! Kendra wasn’t a huge fan, but Trystan found it very bookish and artsy. It works in context.


Lady Mary goes casual.


Crochet sweater – wait for it, Downton’s gonna get hippy-dippy today!

The engaged Mrs. Hughes / Mr. Carson, having spent last episode using Mrs. Patmore as a go-between about whether or not there will be sex on the wedding night, finally start chatting about the wedding venue (we are terribly amused/saddened by these women who are vocationally called “Mrs.” but are actually 40- or 50-year-old virgins!).


Gorgeous foggy autumn day at the Abbey.


Mrs. Hughes gets some lovely damask ribbon on her hat. Not too shabby!


There’s Anna’s pintucked dress again.


And we still love Baxter’s subtly stripey dress.

Meanwhile in the library, it’s like the Bloomsbury Group moved in.


The more I see this dress, the more I (Trystan) love it. Please weigh in!


Cora adds to the mix with an ethnic print on black.


Shocking! We all look so liberal.

Lady Mary pretends to understand Anna’s problems while swanning around in a fan-freaking-tastic fluttery silk dressing gown.


This dressing gown is EVERYTHING.


Those sleeves! If you don’t love this, you have no soul.

And then Mary takes the kids to visit the pigs. And Farmer Drewe. You remember, the guy who originally took in Lady Edith’s out-of-wedlock baby. See where this is going? Thanks, Mary.


All three are in practical, tweedy brown of different shades.


Cora’s hat of awesome with three enormous pheasant feathers curled allllll the way around the side of the hat. And they’re such a perfectly complimentary color to her coat. Stunning.


Back view of Cora’s hat and coat. Such an elegant sweep.


Can we get enough of this hat? We think not.


See the hat! Love the hat! Honor the hat!


1) PIGS. 2) Note that the pigs coordinate in color with the humans’ ensembles. Thanks, pigs!

Some other stuff happens. You know, the estate-running, blah blah blah. We’re just here for the clothes.


This must be what Cora was wearing under that coat. The navy and brown is very harmonious with the room AND everyone’s wardrobes so far this season.


The buttons up the back of the dress are another nice touch on Anna’s dress. Through the 1960s, many women’s clothes fastened in back, but it’s not something we’ve come to expect anymore.

Back in London, Edith is hanging with Rosamund again. Her cream and grey ensemble is fine, but THAT HAT TRIM. OMG.


“I may be wishy-washy about making Life Decisions, but I have good hat game.”


Check out that yellow trim — geometrically patterned soutache, possibly on a net background, with a little rickrack in the middle. Just brilliant.

Not only does she have a good hat, but Edith’s little bow/necktie and tailored cape evoke menswear without being too suit-y. Plus the outfit is just matchy enough with the yellow touches. But let’s not ignore Rosamund’s always elegant bohemian style. The women are a distinct contrast; Rosamund is headstrong and blatant about her solo lifestyle, while Edith is restrained, pushing the envelope but in small, purposeful ways. Her wardrobe shows how Edith is trying to be her own woman, but isn’t quite there yet.


Rosamund seems to be wearing the same coat from the last episode.


Usually, Cora looks lovely and appropriate for her age and station, neither too mumsy nor too fashion-forward and everything fits just so. Except tonight.


Beautiful silver draping…


So pretty from the back, but honey, no.


Ugh. Cora is not pregnant again. It’s just a badly placed sash.

Back in London, Rosamund continues to warn Edith of the (emotional) perils of a single life. Clearly she needs to listen to more Beyonce. Rosamund recedes into the background in her shades-of-brown outfit that matches the couch. Edith, on the other hand, is the focus in her patterned cranberry evening dress.


Just a casual evening at home, in our silk gowns and long gloves, ‘natch.


Marcel waves, how we love thee.

Oh the Bateses … let’s not talk about anything out in the open. Let’s keep secrets from each other so it hurts more.


More beautiful foggy grounds.


The floral embroidered ribbon on Anna’s hat is another nice touch that elevates her from “boring servant wear.”

At breakfast, Cora rocks the bronze with subtle flowers, while Mary gets on board with the whole Moroccan theme.


Mary’s top is surprisingly similar to Edith’s dress at the beginning of episode 1.


You can just keep wearing this hat again, Cora, any time you like. We’re fine with that.


Is this what the Countess does all day? Have we ever seen her doing needlework before? Inquiring minds want to know.

Moar pigs at the Pig Fair(TM):


Lookit all the nice hats on the servants!


Baxter and Daisy both have sweet little trims on their hats — braided cord, herringbone ribbon, perfectly appropriate to what they could afford.


Mary again is in her “treat me like a guy, please” menswear suit.

Downton Abbey Season Six, Episode Two, Podcast Recap

Listen to our podcast recap of the episode here or on iTunes!

*Errata note for podcast listeners! Kendra talks about one of Hugh Bonneville’s earlier roles as a Marcel-waved villain — the title is Daniel Deronda, not North & South! Duh!


How’s the final season of Downton Abbey going for you?



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  1. Susan Pola

    ‘We love the peignoir.’ The peignoir is ‘Ghod’. ‘The peignoir is calling my name. I would do…for the peignoir.’We also love Cora’s hat. Cora’s hat and the peignoir can follow me home.

  2. Danielle Fredrickson

    I’m pretty sure Cora’s hat has made a few appearances in previous series. Every time I practically applaud so good to see those feathers get some recognition! :)

  3. S. Lynn

    What? No mention of the gorgeous silk bralette and fitted tap pants under that beautiful peignoir? Layer upon layer of loveliness. I want the whole lot. (Even her gartered stockings were perfection.)

  4. Denise

    Cora did needlework frequently in seasons 1 and 2. In fact, I found this blog as I was searching for examples of her stitching (I’ve been binge-watching the early seasons). I would love to find closeups of the pieces and descriptions of what they would have been used for!